Audit Analytics

Deeper analysis of data records in shorter amount of time

Get to Insights Faster

Take laborious, multi-day processes and complete them in seconds to get to insights faster. See how Alteryx can help you:

  • Consolidate financial or operational data to assess controls across departments and business processes
  • Fully transparent audit trail of every action performed in Alteryx workflows
  • Leverage automated analytics and ML to search for patterns indicative of fraud or irregularities
  • Evaluate the entire transaction history instead of a selective sample

Tackle fraud detection

It’s easy for companies to miss fraud or frustrating when a transaction is incorrectly flagged as fraudulent. Our solution is to check 100% of transactions. With insight into real-time transactional data, take immediate action and reduce losses from fraud.

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Manage vendor risk

Audit teams should conduct regular vendor risk assessments to see what risks could negatively impact business operations. Our solution is to create a fast, repeatable process to identify high-risk vendors and where additional audit procedures should be performed.

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Reduce regulatory risk

Regulations and laws are constantly changing. When regulatory processes are manually run, risk levels can increase along with fines. Our solution is to comply with regulatory reporting procedures and minimize fines with workflows that run in seconds.

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Get started with pre-populated workflows

Download the Office of Finance Starter Kit and start tackling a variety of audit projects such as:

  • Population Testing
  • Substantive Testing
  • Risk Analysis Calculations
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Internal Control Testing
Data Science

Since I had deep knowledge and experience with Alteryx, I truly believe that it helped me land my job here at 7-Eleven!

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