Public Sector Analytics

Harness the power of your government data to accelerate outcomes for students and citizens.


Actionable insights for every team

Decision makers in government and higher education are faced with pressing questions that require insights. Meet the challenge head-on with agile, trusted analytics and data sets that give you the actionable intelligence you need to drive change.

Simplify your workday with automated prep, blend, and reporting

Enrich your insights with geospatial and location intelligence

Apply in-database processing speed with the cloud

Harness machine learning with low-code, no-code tools

Analytics for All

All Employees

Allow all employees regardless of role or skill level to go from data to insights in minutes — not days — with an intuitive, AI-assisted platform.

All Systems

Securely access and combine data across all sources and business applications to align your data strategy with your existing architecture.

All Decisions

Embed analytics everywhere to produce better, faster decisions across every agency and department.


Our Public Sector Partners


Higher Education

Access, analyze, and share institutional data to make smarter decisions for students, faculty, and the university.


Improve analytic maturity across the institution with a unified, end-to-end analytics platform.

Empower staff, faculty, and students with analytic skills and insights.

Receive free Alteryx licenses, training, and curriculum through our SparkED program.

Align educational outcomes with workforce needs by imparting in-demand skill sets.


Federal Government

Manual processes and a lack of analytic resources could be holding your agency back from achieving mission-critical outcomes. Harness your data and empower your team to uncover actionable insights in a fraction of the time with 300+ drag-and-drop analytics automation tools.


Enhance service delivery and enable frontline resources with prescriptive insights.

Optimize critical supply chains and prioritize crisis response with location intelligence.

Predict budgetary needs and make forecasts with confidence.

Elevate employee engagement and improve hiring practices.


State & Local Government

Citizens are depending on you, but as data’s complexity has exploded, so have expectations for services and return on taxpayers’ investments. Maximize your data’s value and meet critical needs with analytics automation.


Accelerate service delivery and help those in need by predicting service demands.

Monitor population health and optimize crisis response.

Forecast future tax revenues.

Optimize policy development and enhance human services.



SparkED is our free education program that provides Alteryx licenses, teaching tools, and curriculum to empower learners with in-demand skills that drive student success and, in turn, admissions and retention.


Impart in-demand data literacy and analytics to students and faculty.

Receive free education licenses, free faculty training, curriculum, and teaching tools.

Integrate SparkED with existing learning content or establish an entirely new data analytics offering.


We increased student retention by three percentage points over historic norms and have regularly set new graduation rate records. We have been able to quickly identify and reach out to at-risk students because of the automated and augmented analytics through the Alteryx Platform.

University of Dayton

Jason Reinoehl, Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

University of Dayton

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Before Alteryx, our processes were heavily manual with lots of people involved, lots of risks and errors. Things had to be processed several times to get the right results. But through Alteryx, we're getting results much, much quicker, and we’re enabling key conversations that are driving change.

Claire Povey, Director of Business and Performance, Collaborative Procurement Partnership


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Alteryx is the 'secret decoder ring' that enables the team to understand the data and key to the information they need.

Kaitlin Bitler, Audit Coordinator

State of South Dakota