Internet of Things Analytics Dashboards

Calculate full Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment of IoT fleets through automated analytics

Digital transformation for modern enterprises is expanding to investment in the Internet of Things (IoT). But unless companies also invest in analytics transformation, they’ll be left with a poor understanding of the cost, impact, and performance of smart devices and systems. With a robust, automated connection to analytics and visualization, they can fully appreciate the value of IoT in the enterprise.
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Top-Line Growth

Fully connect IoT data to financial and customer databases to maximize impact of adopting smart devices and fleets
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Bottom-Line Returns

Perform full-scope financial and operations analytics on IoT networks and use that data to drive predictive models that drive scaling decisions
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Customer Experience

Measure and optimize impact of IoT to customer journey and experience
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Risk Reduction

Fully understand how IoT initiatives impact organization
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Efficiency Gains

Automate data connection and visualization of IoT system analytics like cost of ownership

Business Problem

Analytics transformation plays a decisive role in the success of your organization’s digital transformation, especially if you’re investing in Internet of Things (IoT) networks of smart devices and systems. IoT management software can track the status of devices, manage smart fleets, and report on a network-connected workforce, but it’s more difficult to track the cost effectiveness of IoT initiatives.

Without a clear understanding of business impact, your organization risks overinvesting in the wrong IoT solution, missing opportunities to optimize networks, and miscalculating return on investment (ROI).

Analytics Solution

Tracking the business impact of IoT requires an analytics strategy that connects data sets from the smart network with financial, geospatial, and external demographic data. By connecting those data sets in a single platform, organizations can see the impact of their current IoT investment and understand the benefits and risks of future investments. Building out that view through analytics enables them to also create a business-first, ‘smart’ model for optimizing their IoT implementation and mapping its long-term effects on business operations. In addition, they can combine data sources and take advantage of AI and analytics to inform their decisions.

IoT is more than just a collection of sensors or a fleet of automated devices. It’s also an opportunity for organizations to fully automate and accelerate their analytic transformation.

We're connecting hundreds of new trucks every day, creating trillions of rows of data by capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT). Alteryx has empowered our organization to utilize massive amounts of data and connect across different platforms, technologies, and teams.

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