Starter Kit for Marketing Analytics for Adobe

Elevate Your Game in Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics Starter Kit for Adobe

Marketing is all about attracting, retaining, and building profitable relationships with your customers. But how do you know which customers to target, which campaigns to run, and which marketing programs to invest in? Jumpstart your marketing analytics with everything you need to perform Customer Acquisition Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Lifetime Value Analysis, and Offer Responsiveness with Alteryx Marketing Starter Kits.

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Starter Kit Features

Customer Segmentation

See an example of how a company can optimize customer messaging through segmentation of their customer base—with customer demographic and psychographic data analyzed to create unique customer segments for marketing.

Customer Acquisition

Learn how a company can optimize channel-based marketing and product assortment by analyzing channel-specific data from various internal sources.

Customer Sentiment

Quickly learn how Alteryx can be used to prepare survey data for sentiment analysis and how data prep tools are used to clean and reformat survey data for visualization in Tableau.

Offer Responsiveness

Discover how A/B Testing tools can be used to experiment with different messaging for various customer segments. See how a store experimented with offer language on two different ad networks, comparing click-through rates by language and segment.

We needed something that can seamlessly connect our data sources to our data lake in an automated way, and be able to generate analytics in a quick way.

Srikanth Nayani, Director, Digital Analytics & Verification


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