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For Analytics Leaders
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Get deeper and faster insights to run the business.

Deliver Valuable Insights, Fast

Your business users rely on data and analytics to improve efficiencies and develop new sources of revenue, but analytics teams are drowning in an ever-increasing amount of data, applications, and requests from the business.

With a growing backlog of requests, BI and analytic teams need a flexible and scaleable platform to take on more projects and deliver deeper insights to business leaders, faster and more easily.

Take on Bigger Data Challenges

Your team’s superpower is understanding the business and generating insights, not writing code.


Armed with self-service data analytics in Alteryx, novice data workers and business users can become data rock stars within hours of installation. Avoid the slow ramping-up process involved with having them learn to code in SQL, SAS, R, or Python. Empower your team to prep, blend, and analyze data faster ― so you can take on more analytic projects and deliver results faster.


Alteryx Designer In 20 Minutes

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Improve Agility and Speed to Insight

Analytics talent exists throughout your organization, but most analysts do not reach their full potential.


Analysts spend as much as 90% of their time preparing data instead of delivering insights. With the intuitive drag-and-drop interface inherent in the Alteryx Platform, business users and analysts can slash time spent preparing, blending, and analyzing data. By using flexible, automated solutions, your team can boost their productivity and business agility through scheduled data sharing and delivery.


Harvard Business Review: The Untapped Power of Self-Service Data Analytics

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Future-Proof Your Analytics Strategy

You need an analytics platform that allows you to access and gain value from both legacy systems and custom-built applications, as well as future systems.


Alteryx provides an open and flexible architecture that works directly with the technologies and applications your analysts already use, such as Tableau, Power BI, Marketo, or Salesforce. Future-proof your analytics strategy with a single platform to create, publish, and modify applications throughout the enterprise.


Reporting Using Alteryx

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