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Put Your Models Where They Belong ― Out In The World

Building predictive models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn’t be. The typical cycle of deploying predictive models can be error prone and laborious. Alteryx Promote allows data scientists and analytics teams to build, manage, and deploy predictive models to production faster without writing any custom deployment code.

Fast-Track Models to Deployment

Most advanced analytical models never see the light of day in production, but with Alteryx, you can embed R, Python, and Alteryx models directly into your production business processes, and get actionable insights on-demand. Say goodbye to long, expensive custom model deployments and total reliance on IT.


Alteryx Promote: Product Overview

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Administer, monitor, and manage the stability of models from a centralized view, and deploy your models in minutes ― the model production, management, and deployment process has never been smoother. Alteryx Promote helps you manage all your models in one place, delivering R and Python models that are immediately accessible via standard REST API requests or utilized via the code-free environment of Alteryx Designer to build and deploy models. Now, models can easily be leveraged, whether in automated business processes, or during business analysis.

Alteryx Promote: Product Overview

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Common Langauge

A Common Language of Analytics

Alteryx helps you work together to create powerful statistical, predictive, prescriptive, and spatial models, whether that’s in a code-free or code-friendly workflow. Our in-line visualytics lets you see how your data changes as you work with it. Say hello to instant gratification and wave goodbye to outputting to other platforms. And, since we know new insights lead to more questions, we allow you to score data using your advanced models created in Python or R, all without code ― providing a common language of advanced analytics.

The Alteryx End-to-End Analytics Platform

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Common Langauge

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