Create Trust in Your Data

Say goodbye to errors in data and the stress that comes with them. See how with Ana.


Meet Ana: Analytics Champion

Ana doesn’t just crunch numbers. She makes them trustworthy. As an Analytics Champion, she understands that even one mistake can affect decisions, hurt a team’s credibility, and cause long-lasting damage.

That’s why she ensures data is high-quality, governed, and ready to deliver value before it reaches the hands of the people who need it.


The Importance of Reliable Data

What’s worse than a report with an error? Doing nothing about it. Learn the root causes of poor data quality and the best ways to fix them.


Alter.Next: The Power of Trusted Data in Modern Analytics

Join our live event on February 15 to hear how Analytics Champions at EY, Big Lots, and Societe Generale Global Solution Centre help their organizations make more decisions based on insight instead of instinct.

What It Means to Create Trust in Data


Trusted Data in Action

With Alteryx, we can make everything transparent, figuring out any data discrepancies or problems within an hour.

Nancy T., Analytics Champion

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The data we leverage is extremely varied and undergoes thousands of updates every second, which makes Alteryx a critical tool for us.

Konrad S., Analytics Champion

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Being able to resolve data problems and get our heads wrapped around what was happening with the data was much easier with Alteryx.

Lauren G., Analytics Champion

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Because we work with such large volumes of data, it’s easier to ensure that user errors are eliminated in the underlying computations.

Kevin C., Analytics Champion

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The 5 Tenets of an Analytics Champion

Create Trust in Data

Ensure data is high quality, governed, and ready to deliver value.

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Automate to Accelerate

Drive efficiencies and accelerate innovation with advanced automation and workflows.

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Enhance with AI

Discover new, faster ways to explore data and share insights.

Optimize Your Data Stack

Lower the barrier to entry for the tools and tech that position you for the future.

Empower the Business

Expand access to easy-to-use analytics to scale insights and impact.