Enhance with AI

Discover new, faster ways to explore data and share insights. Watch how Ana does it with AI.


Accelerating Insights with AI

As an Analytics Champion, Ana is often asked to answer questions faster than dashboards can deliver. She knows AI-powered solutions can help and wants to get past the hype of AI with practical applications and a governed solution. Ana gets started by using Alteryx AiDIN and Auto Insights to transform her most time-consuming processes and reports — so she can deliver immediate value and validate future opportunities with AI.



Getting Started with GenAI

Start your generative AI journey with use cases that deliver immediate value without risking your data and governance.


IT: Strategies for AI Integration

Learn how to gain a competitive advantage and deliver enterprise-wide business value with generative AI initiatives.


From AI Hype to First Use Case

Register for the next Alteryx Virtual Summit on June 6 to learn strategies for a business-driven approach to AI with a panel of experts from GenAI Works, Fender Guitar, Databricks, and more.


Enhance with AI

With Auto Insights, we can answer our pressing questions at the speed of business.

Iain Reid, Head of People Analytics


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Auto Insights: It’s a time saver. We can turn around insights 50% faster to our business executives

Shane A., Royal Caribbean

Generative AI with Alteryx will take us to the next level.

Jacqui G., Visionary since 2020

The 5 Tenets of an Analytics Champion

Stay tuned as we reveal the secrets and strategies behind each tenet over the coming months.

Create Trust in Data

Ensure data is high quality, governed, and ready to deliver value.

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Automate to Accelerate

Drive efficiencies and accelerate innovation with advanced automation and workflows.

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Enhance with AI

Discover new, faster ways to explore data and share insights.

Optimize Your Data Stack

Lower the barrier to entry for the tools and tech that position you for the future.

Empower the Business

Expand access to easy-to-use analytics to scale insights and impact.