New Snowflake Data Cloud Integrations Scale and Accelerate Analytics Capabilities

What's New   |   Alex Gnibus   |   Jun 27, 2023 TIME TO READ: 2 MINS

For many organizations, the modern data stack has gotten too complicated. Data platforms have become inaccessible and inflexible to different skill sets. Different data types – like geospatial data – are sitting unused. Disjointed tools drive up costs and slow down processes. Which means businesses aren’t getting the full value from their data, even as it rapidly grows.

At this year’s Snowflake Summit 2023, Alteryx announced new integrations with Snowflake that make it easier, faster and more accessible to turn data into value. Here is what’s new.

Access the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform through Snowflake Partner Connect

The Snowflake Partner Connect integration allows you to quickly create a free trial of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform for new users, automatically configuring a Snowflake connection to Alteryx. Snowflake users can now access the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform right from their Snowflake account. You can get set up, get started and get insights in a matter of minutes.

Execute Designer Cloud workflows in Snowflake with automatic pushdown

Now, every tool available in Designer Cloud can be pushed down and executed in Snowflake. Users can build a workflow with Snowflake as the data source, and it will automatically execute in Snowflake without any extra steps or data movement.

Customers can also take advantage of in-database tools in Alteryx Designer (our classic desktop experience) to execute SQL pushdown. Each of these options can speed up runtimes, reduce data movement, and accommodate multiple preferences for working with data.

Leverage Snowflake for geospatial insights with Location Intelligence

Speaking of pushdown, you can also use pushdown for geospatial analytics. Location Intelligence, a new solution on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, allows employees of all skill levels to effortlessly visualize and analyze spatial data. Through a pushdown integration with Snowflake, users can execute advanced geospatial analyses directly on their Snowflake data, generating near-immediate results and eliminating data movement costs and risks.

When you combine the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform with the Snowflake Data Cloud, you’re combining analytical problem-solving with powerful cloud infrastructure. You’ve got everything you need – the data, the governance, the compute power, and the intuitive AI-powered analytics interface to start creating.

For more information about Alteryx and Snowflake’s innovations, visit Snowflake Partner Connect, try the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, and explore Snowflake + Alteryx solutions.