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Empower Your Team With Intuitive, Approachable AutoML

Scale data science across your business with automated machine learning (AutoML) and feature engineering, empowering business domain experts and data scientists alike to accelerate insights.

Rather than relying on experts to code complex models, you can quickly build, validate, iterate, and explore ML models with an automated and fully-guided user experience.



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Uncover Hidden Signals with Automated Insight Generation

With Alteryx Machine Learning’s Automated Insight Generation, you’ll quickly uncover hidden signals and key relationships in your data.

However, ML can’t make an impact without stakeholders. Quickly share insights and results across the organization with interactive and exportable visualizations that the business can understand and trust. Alteryx Machine Learning makes machine learning intuitive and explainable.

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The Power of Deep Feature Synthesis for Model Accuracy

The power of your predictions depends on three factors: data quality, features, and algorithms.

That’s why Alteryx offers Deep Feature Synthesis, an automated feature engineering method that detects high-quality features by building on the relationships in your data. New features become a part of candidate models explored, including popular algorithms like xgBoost, LightGBM, and ElasticNet.

By providing a curated set of robust algorithms, Alteryx Machine Learning helps you efficiently create models your business can understand, explain, and use for decision-making.

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More Accurate and Understandable Models

Without an interpretable model, your results aren’t reliable. Whether you need to satisfy internal policies or external regulations, explaining how a model is behaving and why certain predictions are being made builds trust and transparency.

With Alteryx Machine Learning, users can look at Feature Importance, Partial Dependence plots, and Shapley Impact Analysis and explore simulations to better understand how models are behaving and how predictions are being made.

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Woodwork, Compose, Feature Tools, EvalML

Build Trusted Models Quickly With Pre-defined Feature Libraries

Because open-source technologies are a must-have for accelerating innovation, many of the methods used in Alteryx Machine Learning rely on Alteryx Open Source packages. These include Woodwork, Compose, Featuretools, and EvalML — all of which are available on GitHub.

With over a million downloads, data scientists around the world trust these methods, which make them an excellent foundation for your ML efforts.

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Woodwork, Compose, Feature Tools, EvalML
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Help Ensure Data Quality

Rather than manually investigating and transforming your data for machine learning, get straight to modeling by automating training-data preparation with a native integration to Alteryx Designer, our self-service data preparation and analytics solution.

Generating a prediction is just the beginning. Alteryx Machine Learning also includes integrated data health checks and provides a holistic view into readiness for modeling.

Quickly and Easily Drive Models Into Production

Turn your ML predictions into business decisions and actions by integrating model predictions into any analytic process with our end-to-end analytics platform.

If you have business processes with unique requirements, you can also quickly export, customize, and integrate Python models into other business applications directly or with the assistance of Alteryx MLOps.

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“We have many use cases that require accurate answers and predictions That’s why Alteryx Machine Learning is so impactful — it helps analysts create valuable, explainable machine learning models on their own.”

Nathan Patrick Taylor, Chief Information Officer of Symphony Care Network, one of the most innovative providers of care in the United States, administering post-acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care, assisted living, and more.


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