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Use Case

Understanding Strokes Gained in Golf


PGA golfer Martin Trainer uses Alteryx to generate training recommendations. By using innovative statistical metrics like strokes gained and advanced predictive tools, Alteryx can provide golfers with invaluable insights and personalized recommendations.

Improve Golfer Performance

Use correlation analysis to show areas of the game that require attention.

Create Personalized Training Regimen

areas of improvement and tailor training to the demands of upcoming tournaments.

Develop Predictive Outcomes

Use advanced predictive tools to create categories and evaluate performance against competitors.


The Problem

In a competitive sport like golf, adaptability is key to winning. Each course is different, and it can be difficult to adjust and build a strategy for success as courses and conditions change. What will work for one golfer may not work for another – for a truly personalized training program, the course conditions, and the strengths and weakness of individual athletes must be considered.

Analytics Solution

With a data platform that includes data prep and blend, data categorization, predictive tools and correlation analysis, you can create completely personalized training and recommendations to improve performance on every course.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Use predictive tools to create categories of players based on statistics, so you can compare your performance to your competitive set.
  • Run a correlation analysis to pinpoint which areas of the game need attention.
  • Create personalized training recommendations based on performance and course data.

Martin Trainer Use Case Workflow


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Watch Now

Try Alteryx On The Green

See how through an Alteryx workflow, each unique tool is like a different club in your bag.  This “Digital Caddie” generates club recommendations improving your accuracy both on the green and in Alteryx Designer.


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