BI + Visualization

BI + Visualization

Your business intelligence and data visualization needs vary across your organization. That’s why Alteryx adapts to your user needs, whether you’re preparing and enriching data to drive Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or other tools for analysts, or powering the entire analytics lifecycle from predictive modeling to reporting and sharing applications inside and outside your organization with Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect and the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. No matter how users engage, everyone gains strong data governance, shared metadata and assets, a trusted data foundation ― and analytics agility.

Inline Visualytics BW


Your data flows through innumerable data cleansing, prepping, blending, and modeling steps in the analytics pipeline — all before data visualization. Alteryx Visualytics instantly validates the health, quality, and statistical distribution of your data through powerful inline visualizations. Visualytics also brings your insights to life through interactive charts that can be combined so anyone can drill down on your analysis.

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Business Intelligence BW

Business Intelligence

Alteryx is the only business intelligence platform that works for everyone: Self-service data preparation and agile predictive modeling powers productivity for Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or other data visualization tool users. Alteryx makes it simple to go from data to reporting and dashboards — publishing and sharing interactive analytics for everyone inside and outside your organization with Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect, and the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. It’s business intelligence that works to solve every business user’s needs.  

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Advanced Analytics Visual Analytics BW

Visual Analytics

The biggest challenge in data visualization is getting the data in the right format and shape to gain insights from your visualizations and dashboards. This is consuming as much as 80-percent of the effort for most analysts today. It doesn’t have to be that way. Alteryx enables anyone to visually and iteratively integrate and blend data from multiple sources and types, such as social media, CRM, ERP Hadoop, or data warehouses ― whether cloud or on-premise. Native connectivity to Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik flows data into your data visualization at speed. 

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Descriptive Analytics BW

Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive analytics provides a clear perspective on “what happened?” Alteryx lets you enrich data with aggregation, time-series intelligence, period-on-period variances, and other logic to provide a rich historical data foundation that’s fully primed for further analysis ― whether using a data visualization tool, or building a descriptive analysis process directly in Alteryx.

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