Business Intelligence

Break through the data roadblock and accelerate insight.

Shatter the BI Data Roadblock

Preparing and integrating data for business intelligence can be hard and time consuming ― slowing down analysis. Alteryx offers incredibly intuitive data preparation for business analysts, data governance, and management, and even provides built-in reporting. Break through the data roadblock and accelerate insight. 


Accelerate Your Data Flow

Alteryx is designed from the ground up to increase the velocity of moving your data to dashboards, reporting and analysis with visual data preparation, comprehensive connectivity from sourcing to output formats.

  • Agile data preparation: Blend, cleanse, filter, restructure, and enrich your data with ease for better, more fluid business intelligence
  • Access more, faster: Connect to Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and on-premise and cloud databases with pre-built click-not-code integration
  • Unified environment from data to report: Output data prep results to a variety of formats such as Microsoft Excel, ESRI, XML, PDF, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, custom reports, or databases


Intelligence For Your Data

Dashboards and visualizations don’t tell the whole story in your data. Alteryx enables your analysts to apply descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to your data to unlock hidden insights and value. 

  • More intelligence: Easily add spatial data, demographic analytics, or third-party data. Or, apply the latest data mining capabilities to uncover insights.
  • More predictive: Power up your data using a full statistical library and a complete set of predictive, simulation, and optimization functions 
  • More performance: In-database data preparation and analytics summarizes, calcs, and filters your data to maximize the performance of your business intelligence software


Governance and Collaboration Enabled

Fluid data preparation and analytics to accelerate business intelligence doesn’t need to compromise governance. Alteryx centralizes workflows, metadata, and analytic applications, and scales from ad-hoc analysis and preparation to loading cloud or on-premise data warehouses.

  • Data analytics at scale: Powerful server architecture enables scheduled, on-demand integration, ad-hoc or production integrations, and processes
  • Share analytic assets: A centralized repository enables collaboration, version control, and sharing for capabilities. That ensures strong governance around data preparation.
  • Collaboration: Share and access analytics workflows, reports, and visualizations across projects, teams, and enterprise with Alteryx Server and Alteryx Connect

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