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Tax professionals spend thousands of hours each year manually sourcing data and performing analysis. Alteryx removes hours of pain and time from this process. After data is seamlessly blended from disparate sources, Alteryx can facilitate changes to files that can be made in seconds, not hours.

Reduce time and effort spent manually wrangling and reconciling data with legacy tools and processes. Download the Office of Finance Starter Kit to get started now. With these pre-populated workflows and solutions, you can tackle a variety tax projects such as:

  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Income tax provision compliance
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • R&D calculations
  • Sales apportionment
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I made a model to predict our client’s satisfaction. With only a limited knowledge of predictive tools and a little help from the Alteryx Community, I was able to produce a model that was within 83% accuracy of our actual client satisfaction.

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