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Use Case

Predicting Email Open Rate

Email is the wide end of the sales funnel. Alteryx Machine Learning helps Marketing predict email open rates, so it can concentrate on the most productive leads, channels, and offers.

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Business Problem

Your company’s revenue stream starts with Marketing email that catches the attention of a receptive audience. But figuring out which leads, channels, and offers work best requires A/B testing or help from IT—and either approach steals time, money, and attention away from Marketing’s core mission.

Alteryx Solution

The solution is to put Marketing analytics in the hands of Marketing professionals themselves. The right set of tools can eliminate the experimentation, delay, and reliance on outside resources that afflict current approaches. Better still, Marketing can use insights from one campaign to fine-tune the audience, channel, and offer for the next, in an upward spiral of adaptation and continuous improvement.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Take control of Marketing analytics with simple, powerful tools and workflows
  • Identify and target the most responsive audience segments in previous campaigns
  • Optimize the frequency of Marketing engagement
  • Fine-tune offers based on past performance
  • Increase the efficiency and agility of Marketing operations

Alteryx Machine Learning Overview Video

1 - For new leads, engagement matters

  • Engagement produces a 2.5x lift in open rate
  • New and engaged yielded the best open rate

2 - For older leads, the effect is smaller

  • Aging reduces effect of engagement by 28%
  • Open-rate lift is still significant at 1.8x

3 - Low engagement means poor results

  • Open rate is lower than 0.5%
  • Segment is unlikely to justify time, effort, or expense

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