Analytic Templates

Enrich Your Analytic Skillset

The Alteryx Analytic Templates will teach you how to prep, blend, and analyze your data faster than using tools like Excel or SQL coding; guide you through how to build sophisticated insights such as market basket analysis or predictive A/B testing; and show you how to output beautiful Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik or Salesforce Wave visualizations to explore and understand your data and insights.

The Alteryx Analytic Templates come with pre-built analytic templates and sample data that you can use to learn from, but you can easily use your own data in place of the data provided to uncover insights for your own organization. Best of all, the templates can be easily adjusted via drag-and-drop tools to provide the exact insights you need.

Download the Alteryx Analytic Templates that suit your needs, and enrich your analytic skillset.

analytic template data blending

Analytic Template for Data Blending

Build the dataset you need quickly and easily. Learn how to expedite the cleansing, prepping and blending of multiple data sources such as Excel, XML, social data, survey data, and more with these templates.

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Analytic template customer analtyics

Analytic Template for Customer Analytics

Perform customer analytics faster, with key templates, as well as step-by-step interactive guides for building out customer insights such as sentiment analysis or customer lifetime value and easily output insights to Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

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analytic template tableau

Analytic Template for Tableau

Quickly get started with pre-configured Alteryx workflows and the corresponding Tableau visualizations. Conduct advanced data blending, data transposing, polygon creation, XML parsing, standardizing unstructured data, predictive A/B testing, survey analysis, retail location selection, and market basket analysis with this Analytic Template.

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analytic template microsoft

Analytic Template for Microsoft

Blend disparate data from multiple sources, perform advanced analytics such as predictive and spatial analysis with no coding required, incorporate text analytics using Azure ML, and output data directly to Microsoft Power BI for your visualization and reporting needs.

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analytic template predictive analytics

Analytic Template for Predictive Analytics

Learn how to build core predictive insights, from developing a proper dataset to analyzing the results, with this interactive, step-by-step tutorial that doesn’t require you to have a background in statistics, R-coding or other specialized skills.

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analytic template banking financial

Analytic Template for Banking and Financial Services

Boost conventional methods for understanding the analytic possibilities in banking and financial services including survey parsing, fraud ring detection, marketing effectiveness, next gen currency marketplace, portfolio value at risk estimation, retail credit scoring, SEC filings, and sovereign debt forecasting.

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Analytic Template for Salesforce

Uncover insights regarding account executive performance, customer segmentation, customer service levels by representative, prospect prioritization, and the health of your sales pipeline and view the corresponding output in Salesforce Wave Analytics.

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analytic template marketing analytics

Analytic Template for Marketing Analytics

Jumpstart your marketing analytics with pre-configured Alteryx workflows and the corresponding Tableau visualizations. This kit includes everything you need to perform Customer Acquisition Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Lifetime Value Analysis, and Offer Responsiveness.

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analytic template supply chain

Analytic Template for Supply Chain

Build vendor evaluation insights, predictive inventory analysis or demand forecasting models with interactive, step-by-step templates, which you can then modify to incorporate your own data.

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analytic template qlik

Analytic Template for Qlik

Perform data transposing, polygon creation, multi-channel analysis, predictive A/B testing, retail location selection, market basket analysis, and survey cleanup, all with direct output for visualization in QlikView or Qlik Sense.

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