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Super-Local Solutions for Personal Deliveries

Alteryx + Pickup


Pickup, a division of La Poste and DPDgroup, is the leading collection point network operator in France, with 15,000 collection points, 500 automated parcel lockers, and items shipped by transport operators Colissimo, Chronopost and DPD France. The Pickup shipping service is offered by nearly 10,000 online retailers in France. Across the various entities of DPDgroup (the international parcel shipping network for La Poste and the number 1 network in Europe), the Pickup network is also available in 28 countries, with more than 58,000 collection points worldwide. Pickup also develops various solutions that respond to the challenges of urban logistics and last-meter delivery, particularly in partnership with stakeholders in retail and general mail. Recently, Pickup launched a new idea for a pedestrian click and collect system, “Pickup drive”, for consumers to collect parcels and food shopping in a single location just a few blocks away from their home.


Looking for a Real-Time Service

Thanks to geomarketing studies, Pickup is adapting its network based on population density, to offer the closest and most practical pickup shipping service for consumers. The Pickup collection point network is constantly developing in order to respond to the unprecedented increase in the number of parcels being shipped, which has been particularly exacerbated by the current health situation related to COVID-19. It is therefore essential for the company to have up-to-date geographical information. Pickup was looking for a solution to manage its network that would use data to update the network in real time, in order to identify precisely the areas that needed strengthening. To overcome this significant challenge, in 2016, Pickup called upon the services of Alteryx via MicromarketerG3, an Experian solution with an Alteryx engine.


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