Data Science and Machine Learning

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Scale data science across your business with automated machine learning, predictive, and text analytics


  • Take advantage of time-series techniques like ARIMA and exponential smoothing models that can take seasonality into account
  • Use built-in comparison tools to understand the efficacy of different forecasting models

Predictive Analytics

  • Create powerful insights with more than 40 drag and drop tools or get your coding on with R and Python.
  • Example techniques include regression, decision trees, random forests, neural networks, support vector machines (SVMs), naïve bayes classifiers, and many more.

Machine Learning

  • Quickly create ML pipelines with AutoML and Deep Feature Synthesis
  • Uncover hidden signals with automated insight generation
  • Upskill your workforce with built-in education and community based learning paths
Machine Learning

Text Mining & NLP

  • Unlock hidden insights in your PDFs and documents by easily extracting text from images with computer vision
  • Quickly understand key themes and emotions within your data with topic modeling, sentiment analysis, and word clouds
Text Mining

Since I had deep knowledge and experience with Alteryx, I truly believe that it helped me land my job here at 7-Eleven!

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FORE! How To Improve Your Golf Game with Data and Analytics

Golf has become increasingly data-driven and analytical. We'll walk you through a Alteryx Designer workflow for creating a "Digital Caddie", helping you improve your accuracy both on and off the green.

Data Prep & Analytics
Alteryx Designer
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KPMG MADA Program Teams with Alteryx SparkED

KPMG U.S., an industry leader in data-driven insights, is helping prepare the next generation of audit professionals through its Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics (MADA) program.

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Business Leader
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Nov 24 - 25
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Ai, Data Analytics & Insights Summit DACH 2022

Conference on Data Governance and Data Quality (How to Ensure the Best Quality of Data Data Mesh and D&A strategy), Big Data infrastructure & Advanced Analytics, Hybrid Data Lake Platform, Data Driven Culture & Data Democratisation & Data Literacy

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Data Scientist
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