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Technology Partner Program

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The Alteryx Technology Partner Program offers the guidance, support, and licenses required to build an integration between your software and the Alteryx Platform. Common integrations include data connectors that read, write, or manipulate data for use in an Alteryx analytic workflow.

Get started today!

  1. Submit your completed partnership application
    Download, complete, and submit your application. The application review process can take up to 10 business days and may include requests for additional information or clarification.
  2. E-sign your partnership agreement and pay the membership fee
    Approved applicants will be emailed the Alteryx Technology Partner Program agreement for electronic signature. After signing the agreement an invoice with the $2,000 program fee is issued together with 2 NFR Designer licenses.
  3. Roll-up your sleeves and start developing!
    Developer licenses are issued to partners based on the type of integration being built. Licenses are issued for a 1-year term to allow you to complete the integration, attain your first customer, and create marketing assets.
  4. Leverage the Alteryx Community along the way
    The Alteryx Dev Space is a part of the rich Alteryx Community and chockful of valuable developer resources, including SDK and API documentation. The Community is also a great place to interact with customers and other partners, share tips, get help and support, and stay up to date on what is happening in the Alteryx ecosystem.
  5. Make a splash in the market!
    Once you have completed your Alteryx integration and have a customer leveraging it, it’s time to go to market.
    • Make it easy for customers to find and explore your offering by posting your solution to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. All integrations in the Gallery are discoverable in Alteryx Designer.
    • Add a webpage to your site with a demo and additional information on the integration and let us know when it’s live so we can link to it from your logo on our Technology Partner Page.
    • Circle back to the Alteryx Community and let everyone know your integration is live and ready for action.


Q: Can anyone join the Alteryx Technology Program?
A: No, the program is specifically designed for software companies building integrations on top of, and extending, the Alteryx Platform.

Q: What happens if my integration isn’t ready after 1 year or if I haven’t identified a joint customer?
A: If your integration isn’t ready or if you haven’t achieved your first customer after 1 year, your participation in the program expires. You can remain active in the Alteryx ecosystem as a customer or consider applying to become a channel partner.

Q: Where can I get developer support?
A: The Alteryx Community offers support and tips from your peers and Alteryx staff alike.

Q: Where should I get started?
A: The platform integration Development Guide is an excellent starting point!

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